Here we go, holidays are almost over. Now we need some stimulus to renew creativity and imagination … In these last days of summer, we propose You a trip on Lake Como, to discover Alvaro Molteni, an excellent representative of our art: the textile design!

We certainly did not miss the chance, in fact we already visited the exhibition proposed at the “Museo della Seta” until next October 31st, remaining pleasantly surprised by an exposure very well structured, divided by themes and colors, designed to give a lot of room to the textile design, which was an integral part of the life of this great artist from Como.




Visiting the rooms dedicated to Alvaro, we lived a real emotional journey, thanks to original sketches and arworks, but mostly gorgeous designs, scarves, ties and textile accessories. Matter of fact, the exposure gives great value to printed archives, partially borrowed by the Company Ratti, to which the artist has devoted much of its operations as a textile designer.

White and black, highly valued and later embellished by a bright red, are the tones that reign supreme and we were most impressed and inspired …. However, in compliance with the requirements of the market, there are works in more intense colors, origin of great innovation.




The dynamism of the exhibition also contains a large monographic area, highlighting Alvaro versatility which allowed him to masterfully interpret the requests received from customers of excellence. For istance? The creation of the logo for “Balenciaga”, which is still representative of this internationally renowned brand. However, what mostly impressed us was the manuscript received by the “Maison”, which expresses deep gratitude and respect for the work of Alvaro. A practice in disuse, to thank those who contribute to its success, that’s why we feel to enhance it, treasuring these words.




Great effect, the wider area of the exposure called “Stanza della Moda”, a perfect combination of love towards women and their femininity. A group of mannequins in 50s clothes, wearing those colous beloved by the artist, represent the women who accompanied his artistic and expressive path. In such a context, a square, “Alvaro’s women” seem to admire his work, inviting the visitor to do the same.




The exhibition, as well as being extremely attractive to those like us who work in the fashion business, is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for students and for the new generations who are new to this world, so we strongly renew our invitation to take the chance.

The occasion will be good also to visit the most representative museum of our textile art, as ancient as modern, inviting us to treasure the past, still pursuing the research for creativity in constant evolution.

We guarantee that it’s worth it and look forward to your impressions …

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