Bewitched by the passion of a top level weaver

All of us, suppliers of the chain linked to the “fashion design world,” we are no doubt moved by the attractive charm of fabrics, textile accessories and fashion in general. But the star of today has been able to translate that same passion in many forms, with an almost philosophical approach to this art, which is as complex as wonderful.

Her name is Paola Besana, a passionate woman who falls in love with hand-weaving in 1958, during a long trip in the Scandinavian countries. She officially started her career in the early 60s, studying and working in the United States, attending different Institutes and textile workshops. Back in Europe, Paola began to share her experiences with teachers and students, taking training courses and collaborating with various schools, while continuing to enrich her studies.




In 1968, she returned permanently to Milan and opened her “Studio di Tessitura Paola Besana”, now an Association, which is a laboratory, a research center, a production and teaching place.




A curriculum of all respect in short, there is very little to add. However, what makes this woman a true icon, is not only her undisputed professionalism, but above all the curiosity that led her to deepen extremely complex and elaborate technical aspects, as well as very simple, often developed into what she calls ” textile structures “, real sculptures; the huge passion for all forms of fabric, decoration or accessory, from its origins up to the creation or re-interpretation; The constant desire to research, development and deepening of any aspect related to this magical world.




A world that, unfortunately, most of us do not deeply know, or at least not as it would deserve.




In 2015 Paola founded the “Associazione Studio di Tessitura Paola Besana” in order to carry on in time her research work, promoting knowledge of weaving and disseminate the technical and design knowledge and communicative and aesthetic values. The Association organizes weaving and textile design courses and seminars for all levels with the aim to acquire the necessary skills in a structured and progressive way. In addition, the Association holds open the textile library of Paola which now has more than 1600 volumes.




We had the good fortune to meet Paola Artale, former student and still enthusiastic collaborator of her namesake, which also organizes hand weaving courses at her studio in Milan, in an environment surrounded by historical frames and beams, leading us back to the origins of an incredibly charming art.

So why don’t we let this magic inspire us, trying to learn in depth the mysteries of an art that always fascinates us, but we often do not know the countless shades?




In fact, to paraphrase Italo Calvino, Paola Besana argues that “we can say that creativity is like jam: we must spread it on a slice of bread (technical expertise)  otherwise it would remain a tenuous  thing, which we would not do anything about.”

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