Masterpieces to be tasted

Munch, Kandinsky, Degas, Picasso and Dalì recreated on single toasted slices of bread. Ida Skivenes, aka Ida Frosk, is an ingenious thirty years old Norwegian woman who creates edible remakes of major works by famous artists using a slice of bread as if it was the canvas.

 masterpieces to be eaten

Fresh and dried fruit, biscuits, bread, vegetables and cheese, chocolate and much more. No limits to prime materials usage, which are carefully chosen, modeled, assembled and then photographed just to be immediately… tasted! No wastes, just to stay into the Expo theme, but very much creativity.

Since her first post on Instagram, in June 2012, she has gained more than 280.000 followers thanks to the “Art Toast Project”. Her projects have been collected and explained step by step in her successful books.

The idea was based on the literal interpretation of  “food art” and it was born from the desire to make art more accessible.

The series is published on the Idafrosk Instagram account. So far 23 art toasts have been made, 3 of them represent sliced Munch’s art for his 150th birth anniversary in 2013.

The majority of those pieces needs at least 30 minutes to be made. They have not been created with the main purpose of being easily copied, such as most of the other Idafrosk creations, but mainly to spread out the love of art.

In an interview on, Ida says that it is not an art project, but that everything is made to be eaten. It may seems like a shame, but since it has been documented, there is always the chance to experience it once more – and to share it with others. She has really appreciated to eat the Monet: toasted bread, with pistachio flavored butter, apples and kiwi – so delightful and beautiful!

And you, checking out her latest works, are you able to recognize any of the famous works they are derived from?

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