“Developing a drawing for fabric? No way! I am a graphic designer!”

“What do graphic designers have to do with us from fashion design? They don’t even know how a fabric is made!”

Let’s admit the idea to work with Neroplatino, which has involved a class of graphic and fashion design of our school “Istituto Paolo Carcano” in Como, better known as “Setificio”, made us a bit diffident.
But how can you say “NO” when you are offered to avoid one week of lessons, nearly at the end of the first school term?
Matter of fact, Neroplatino combines fashion and graphic in a completely new project.
This program helped us to get closed to the world of work and to extend our horizons, helping each other.
During this week, supervised by Neroplatino’s team, we ideated and created drawings together, based on different themes.
We enjoyed it!




Thanks to this initiative developed with Neroplatino, our artworks will be exposed at “Premiere Vision Paris 2016” and they will be available on their online store in a new line called COBALTO completely dedicated to us.
What an honor!




Nevertheless, the money earned will be used to improve our school instruments.

Thanks to Neroplatino we learnt how to collaborate, never give up and face the first difficulties. Now we understand we have many opportunities to be seized in our future!

“Drawing for fabrics? It is not so bad!”
“Collaborating with students from graphic our results are even better than before!”


The students from “Setificio”

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