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San Cesario sul Panaro, a small italian village near Modena in Emilia Romagna. 6000 inhabitants and one heart that flyes at 370 Kmph.
Yes, because “San Cesèri”, as people calls his own village in the local dialect, in his quietness, hides the factory of one of the most powerful “hypercar” in the world, the Pagani Huayra.

Horacio Pagani, class 1955, half italian and half argentine and an unlimited passion for cars. At the age of 12 he begins to build car models and at the age of 20 the first racing car.
The passion for this world pushes him to come back to his origins in Italy in 1982 where, thanks to his ability as designer, he contributes to the creation of Lamborghini Countach Anniversary.

But Horacio wants more. He wishes to build a unique car and, in 1988, he starts the “C8 project” that will evolve then into the construction of the first Pagani branded car, the Zonda.

Pagani Zonda is first presented in 1999 at the Geneva car show. Before it no one could believe in a car construcor coming from nowhere, without a ringing name, an unknown man.

But after the presentation in 1999 everybody realizes that a new star was born in the dream car constructors firmament.
But what contributed to Horacio’s luck? 
The total and maniacal research for quality in every single construction process of his product and the capacity to defend his identity over all.

Pagani’s total quality can be admired also in his latest project, the Huayra.
Pagani Huayra is not simply a car. It is a masterpiece on four wheels. Construction quality, starting from monocoque prime materials, reaches very high levels. Used composite materials are carbon fibers and titanium, joined in an extremely light and, in the meantime, super-resistant tissue. Hand-shaped inside the factory, in order to ensure absolute quality. Exhausts are made of titanium and inconel – a special nichel-chromium structure – hydro-shaped and hand assembled. Car aerodynamics is variable. The Cx ranges between 0,37 a 0,31 (it may seem a little thing, but it is as if the car dimension shrinks of a sixth) thanks to Avional made suspensions; the car also changes the incidence angle thanks to four authomatic flaps.
I could go on exalting the astonishing characteristics of this car, but a little example could be enough to realize how much the research for perfection is pushed up in this car. Every single Pagani Huayra bolt is laser marked with the serial number and the Company logo. And just for this reason every single bolt costs the amount of 60,00 euros; and for the car assembly you need more than a thousand bolts (!).

For sure a Pagani is very expensive: their price starts from over 800.000,00 euros. But one thing is certain: every single euro spent for this car is payed back by an unparalleled quality, by a passion without limits and by the willingness to satisfy the Customer also about those aspects that are not immediately visible.
You may like the Pagani or not, but it is certainly out of any discussion that it is maybe the best built car on the market. Thank you Horacio Pagani!

We at Neroplatino appreciate what is made with passion and the research for quality, and we identify ourselves with whom turns all of this into his own flag. It doesn’t matter if you create supercars, houses, boats or textile drawings; the only thing that matters is to do it with passion and the awareness that the client should have the maximum of quality without any compromise.

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