The Museo della Seta of Como surprises us once again proposing a high-level exposure, this time dedicated to the works of Bruno Luzzani, yet in a very interesting and suggestive context.

The project comes after a recent donation: a beautiful sculpture of the artist from Pognana Lario dedicated to the unforgettable Giannino Brenna  and  entitled “Omaggio al tessile” (Tribute to Textile), now displayed at the entrance of the structure. It is a work in white marble of the Apuan Alps, which reproduces in stone the softness of silk, exalting the characteristics of this precious yarn that made the Como Textile Industry famous worldwide.



Again, as it happened in occasion of the former show dedicated to Alvaro Molteni, the staff of the Museum was skillfully able to create an exhibition that enhance the various works of Luzzani. Starting from the central entrance hall, the visitor has the opportunity to admire the original sketches made by the artist ahead of the realization of the final Opera.



The route proceeds with various sculptures dedicated to the “tie”. Works made with different materials, give rise to plastic movements, even able to recreate the effect of a node. In particular, the sculpture “Vincolo d’amore” (Bond of Love), you can appreciate the artist skill to transform such a rigid material as marble, making it plastic and flexible, even subtle, just like a tie.



Along the exposure, we find particularly interesting one of the most complex realizations conceived by Luzzani. It is a screen printed fabric that, through patches of color, re-creates an artistic effect on the universe. The difficulty lies in the important dimensions of the work, no less than seven meters long, made and exposed on both fabric and test paper.



At the end of the exhibition, woodcarvings worked with suggestive multicolored effects, are once again dedicated to the most sophisticated textile accessory. In particular, the work entitled “Cravatta del Maestro “ (Tie Master), you can appreciate the skill of the sculptor in transforming the original subject into a musical instrument, playing with shapes and creating plastic curves to great effect.



So, once again, the recommendation is to do not miss the opportunity to visit the Silk Museu, which constantly perseveres in its important work of enhancement and enrichment of the artistic and cultural heritage of Como.

You have time until May 15 and …. guaranteed! It is definitely worth it!

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