The color of the year

Every year the “sovereign” of colors in PANTONE quarrel for declaring the tone of the year. More red chocolate, browner then bordeaux but not completely brown… the Marsala is the winner for 2015.


Compared to the color of 2014 “Orchid flashy” I would say that the Marsala color is decidedly more versatile, whereas its tones are found frequently in nature is, therefore, a relaxing color is comfortable and not impresses the human eye. PANTONE describes it as “naturally robust, full-bodied red wine” and a “rich, abundant, elegant tone”.

In fact, it may seem a little poor seen on a piece of paper, but when it is combined with other tones, the Marsala can be decidedly rich and sophisticated.

But how do you match?


Pantone recommends pairing with neutral colors such as warm taupe tones and gray, or amber, land of the burned umber and golden yellows. For a more modern version is vital, you can come alongside with turquoise and green water, or even blue.

The Marsala will be taken by designers and decorators and incorporated in the collections of fashion, beauty products, home decor and also, why not, for weddings as recommended on this site

Source: Decoist

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