The name of today’s protagonist is… Helene. Watch out! It is not a case of coincidence, it’s me!

manichinoIt is the story of a “young” woman who, after over twenty years of professional experience in the textile business, moving from the role of designer to the position of sales manager, decides to chase one of her biggest dreams, which is to merge two passions in her life: “fashion and floral art.”

The first, thanks to the experiences accumulated during the educational and professional path, is a constant presence over the years, as fascinating as merciless, part of a world so complex to be absolutely indispensable.

The second, symbolizes the passion of a life time, the desire aside that remains in the drawer until the appropriate time, when you finally find the will and the courage to make your dreams come true.

The result? A new life, full of love for her work and sharing ambitious objectives with a cohesive team; but also a life where it is possible to complete a parallel training, cultivating passions and giving free rein to creativity.

And then a project, thanks to which it was possible to qualify as a ” Floral Artist “.

A “thesis”, comparing two worlds, two passions, two realities extremely rich of charm.

Here is the video for those who want to discover how these two wonderful “arts”, apparently so different, resemble more than one can imagine:

Finally, a practical work, with the ambitious aim to amalgamate these two universes, creating a fusion of passion and creativity. This is the result:




Did I succeed? Judge it yourself! The only important thing to me is the satisfaction of making a life-long dream come true!

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