The magic of dance cought in a urban photo shoot

We knew dance was one of the most intense and delicate form of expression ever… but the “Ballerina Project” by Dane Dhitagi undoubtedly succeeded in making this art even more communicative and exciting.


Depending on the subject, the images have the power to communicate strength, delicacy and lightness, but above all each of them expresses an incredible femininity.


A journey into the world of dance and photography, which will surely generate strong emotions to anyone who observes.


In some representations, it seems the artist has managed to capture the music used as background when shooting…










A very cool project, which continues to receive a well-deserved feedback and success, not only by Dance lovers, but also by those like us, who appreciate and value all forms of art and expression.

Our congratulations therefore go to all the artists and talents involved, ensuring we will continue to check out these beautiful and delicate photographs, undoubtable source of great inspiration!


Don’t you think so too?

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