When art meets passion for botany…

“A Botanical Dream”, art project presented by Rudy Casati and Antonio Trentini at “Fleuraramour 2015” is a perfect example of passion, talent and refined creativity, in this case applied to the world of botany.

During the recent floral event, the two well known Italian designers were asked to express their art in the Castle of Alden Biesen, in Belgium. Specifically, they were assigned to the hall of the Bishop.


The result is absolutely amazing: a real “imaginary journey into the realm of lights and shadows, where every botanical material becomes like a small planet and you will be enraptured by a milky way of suspended flowers ” as described by the authors.

A sensory experience of colors, shapes and scents of nature that leaves literally breathless. Thousands of delicate flowers floating as if they were suspended in the air, penetrating wax structures that reveal natural elements of great visual impact.

A masterpiece of floral art basically, confirming the artistic talent of the two designers to whom we give our most sincere congratulations. We surely keep an eye on their work in future, certain it will undoubtedly be a source of great excitement and inspiration to us all.

Do you agree? Is it emotional and inspiring to you too? Leave us your comment, it will be much appreciated.

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