Neroplatino colors

Colors are everywhere – June 01 2017

We’re starting today a series of new posts about colors.
From now on, every 15 days, we’ll publis an image of one of our exclusive design and we’ll give you the opportunity to download and use in your creations the color palette for the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.).
Every image will show the color palette that you’ll be able to download and add to your color swatches.

Let us inspire you…

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Fashion interpretation by Edgar Artis

Could we possibly create a dazzling dress using spaghetti, ketchup and fries? The answer can be found admiring the creations of Edgar Artis and following his latest  proposals on Instagram and Facebook.

Not much is known about him, except that he is an Armenian artist with an unbridled creativity, which every day becomes research, passion and fun, fascinating thousands of followers on the web.




Food, petals, leaves and even used matches. To Edgar there are no waste materials: everything can be transformed into art and, above all, everything can become fashionable.








The game is simple: once drawn on paper the face of the model, Edgar build up the dress by applying  common materials, the ones that we all have at hand but we never thought to employ to create a sketch.






Also, sometimes this young artist likes to cut his fashion plates, overlapping the cut-out area to urban life scenarios or natural landscapes and obtaining absolutely amazing effects.




winter roses




We broke up infected by Edgar’s freshness and creativity, becoming passionate new followers by return.




And what about you? Don’t you  want to re-evaluate even onion skins?