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It’s a matter of fact that, providing you have a great passion and a creative attitute, you can give birth to projects as much crazy as genial. A clear example of this combination is the blog “Taste of Runaway“.

Born from the idea of Anna Marconi, a young lady with a great fashion culture and passionate for cooking, the Blog offers lots of extremely efficacious ideas, inspired by nothing less than the garments of the most important fashion brands.

So, following Anna’s suggestions you can savour some “tartatelle” as strong and excentric as a dress from Dolce & Gabbana


or you can offer your guests a delicate Grand Marnier cocktail, fresh and fine as a Dior outfit


maybe accompanied by a surprising snack, reminding you a garment from  Ports 1961


What else to say….many compliments for the idea and for the great creativity! Very cool and surely successful.

Well done Anna! Your “story of happiness between an outfit and a recipe”, as you define it, has infected us too. In truth, exactly as you, we strongly believe in the power of inspiration

Neroplatino: Let us inspire you…

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