The elegance of the cat

With that air a bit snobby, charming and seductive, the cats know how to be elegant in everything they do. But what are the breeds most elegant in absolute?

The Sacred cat of Burma is surely among these, with those blue eyes and with that gait lithe as if that walked on the heels!

Burmese as a whole, appears to be a cat clear because the color is intense only on the tips of the body: the so-called “points”.

Colors are more traditional and well known are the seal-point and its respective dilution blue-point. The seal-point is the darkest color and indicate clearly how is the black color in the presence of himalayan gene. The blue-point is a similar color to the slate gray of a cold tone but more delicate. The body color is golden beige in tone with points.

Other colors slightly clearer are the chocolate-point and its respective dilution lilac-point. The chocolate-point is a color similar to the milk chocolate, lighter than the seal-point and more hot. The lilac-point is a very clear tone pink-cream: magnolia color


perfect matches for next summer!

His eyes blue and always facing toward that of the man with extreme intensity. A special feature of the majority of the males of this breed – for which they have been dubbed “gentilgatti” – is to wait and eat, that any Females and babies have finished eating. Exciting.

Another demonstration that the animals there is always something to learn.

And for you. What is the cat more elegant?

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